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Applying technology to measure grape quality at off-loading

Digital technology is rapidly expanding its presence and impact in the wine sector, and the next stop could be the weighbridge. Image: Wine Australia

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Spraying success is all about attention to detail

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to implementing effective vineyard spraying regimes, but Dr Andrew Hewitt is confident there are solutions for all. Image: Wine Australia

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Could you clarify?

The clarification of white grape musts prior to alcoholic fermentation has long since been considered a necessary step in the production process of high quality white wines. With the unavoidable input...

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Making wine takes a lot of energy. How South Africa’s vintners can cut back.

Wine production consumes large amounts of energy and generates a sizeable quantity of greenhouse gases. A looming carbon tax and greater consumer awareness about reduced energy use has led t...

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10.3 Control of leafroll: Release of natural enemies of mealybug in the South African wine industry

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