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A comparison between cold settling and flotation on white wine quality

During the 2017 harvest season an experiment conducted at Groot Constantia by winemakers Boela Gerber and Rudolph Steenkamp, revealed that flotation does not harm white wine quality in any way. In fac...

Karien O'Kennedy

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Flotation for wine clarification – how does it work and why use it?

Flotation, as used in the wine industry, is yet another way of clarifying juice. Instead of the solids settling out to the bottom of a tank by gravity (as has been a long standing and common practice)...

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Could you clarify?

The clarification of white grape musts prior to alcoholic fermentation has long since been considered a necessary step in the production process of high quality white wines. With the unavoidable input...

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Defining and developing management strategies for sour rot

Cornell University scientists report on research results from the past four years conducted on the specific organisms and conditions needed for sour rot to develop. 

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Sensory and chemical drivers of wine minerality aroma

Researchers studied wines from grapes from the two sides of the Serein river in Chablis. Wines from the left side scored higher in minerality notes and certain chemical compounds.

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