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Wildfires and Wine

With the risk of wildfire impacts to vines and wines still fresh in people’s minds after the 2017 harvest season fires in California’s North Coast, in addition to fires in Washington state...

Ted Rieger

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Legalising the black snake

Aussies may legally add water to grape juice to reduce sugar levels to approximately 24°Brix. Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) approved the addition of water pre-fermentation to assist...

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Protecting vines against heatwaves

Irrigating vineyards at night during heatwaves can reduce fruit losses by 30 per cent, a scientific study has shown. The project has run at a vineyard in the Riverland, Australia’s largest wine ...

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Management of grapevines during drought periods

This document highlights a few practical guidelines for managing vineyards during drought conditions. Always bear in mind that these are merely guidelines and vineyard practices should be tailored to ...

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From the archives

To machine harvest, or not...

Researchers from UC Davis recently reviewed all published scientific articles which researched the impact of machine harvesting on wine quality.

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