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New wine bottling techniques could boost the shelf-life of wine

An EU-funded project has developed innovative new wine bottling technology that cuts the amount of oxygen in a bottle, reducing the need for sulphates.


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Protection of Pruning Wounds

Q&A on trunk diseases and how to treat pruning wounds to protect vines from trunk diseases.  

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Revolutionary new product for tartrate stabilisation

A new product containing the active ingredient potassium poly-aspartate (KPA) will be on the market soon. It has been legalised by the OIV for use to prevent tartrate crystal formation in white and re...

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Mixed fermentations to reduce the alcohol content in wine

The aim of this project was to investigate the possibility of doing co-inoculation or sequential inoculation with S. bacillaris and S. cerevisiae in order to achieve lower alcohol wines.

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From the archives

Crafting South African old vine Chenin blanc wines

This poster provides feedback on the vineyard management and cellar practices currently used by South African (SA) private cellars in the crafting of 18 different premium quality old-vine Chenin blanc wines.

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