About IGWS

Who we are

The Institute for Grape and Wine Sciences (IGWS) is a joint venture between the wine and table grape industries and Stellenbosch University (SU). The objectives of the IGWS include the establishment of world-class training in viticulture and oenology, enhancing research relevant to our local industry, as well as technology transfer to the wine and table grape industries. The initial focus will be on the improvement of infrastructure, especially experimental (training) cellars for students, as well as the purchase of state-of-the-art research equipment.

The IGWS also focusses extensively on technology transfer. Existing as well as new information is communicated to the industry using various platforms: website, seminars, workshops, information sheets, e-mails as well as social media. The purpose of the technology transfer is to increase the basic knowledge of people already working in the industry, thereby significantly improving the quality of South African viticulture and winemaking and our competitiveness in the international market. In addition to transferring information to the industry, information will also be gathered from the industry (needs assessment) on a continuous basis through liaising with study groups, associations and individuals.

Currently the IGWS is funded by a private company: The Reinet Foundation

The People

The IGWS board

  • Marius Lambrechts - SALBA (chairman)
  • Danie Brink - Stellenbosch University (deputy chairman)
  • Gerard Martin - Winetech
  • Eugene Cloete, Maret du Toit - Stellenbosch University
  • Gary Baumgarten - representative of private cellars
  • Anton Smuts - Vinpro
  • Willem Bestbier - SATI
  • Bongani Ndimba - ARC

Positions funded full time or part time by the IGWS

IGWS Personel

Administrative Officer - Ronel Sperling

Liaison Officer for Internship Programme - Anne Alessandri

Viticulture platform:

  • Platform Coordinator - Prof Melané Vivier
  • Viticultural Lab Manager - Anke Berry
  • Viticulture Technician - Leonard Adams
  • Viticulture Technician - Dr Hans Eyeghe-Bickong

Oenology Platform:

  • Platform Coordinator - Prof Wessel du Toit
  • Oenology Technician - Elsa Terblanche
  • Senior Researcher - Jose Luis Aleixandre Tudo

Sensory Platform:

  • Platform Coordinator: Jeanne Brand
  • Sensory Technician: Valeria Panzeri
  • Sensory Technician: Olwethu Fana
  • Sensory Technician: Wandisa Maxiti

Technology Transfer (Extension) Platform:

  • Oenology Platform Coordinator - Karien O'Kennedy
  • Viticulture Platform Coordinator - Conrad Schutte
  • Viticulture Technology Transfer - Lucinda Heyns

Analytical Platform:

  • Platform Coordinator: Astrid Buica

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