Crafting South African old vine Chenin blanc wines

Reneé Crous | Valeria Panzeri | Hélène Nieuwoudt - 31 Jan 2018


This poster provides feedback on the vineyard management and cellar practices currently used by South African (SA) private cellars in the crafting of 18 different premium quality old-vine Chenin blanc wines. The information was obtained with a questionnaire sent to producers, as well as consulting experts from industry on their knowledge of old vineyards. The vineyards are amongst the oldest SA Chenin blanc vineyards (>40 years) in the country. These vineyards are part of our country’s history that has seen many political and economical changes. Some of them have even survived wars.


We would like to thank Vineyard Manager, Rosa Kruger, for sharing her expertise on old-vines; Ina Smith, Manager of the Chenin Blanc Association, with her impeccable knowledge on the Chenin blanc cultivar; Private Chenin cellars for sharing their secrets with us.


 Old vines
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