Potato protein now legal for use in South African wine production

Karien O'Kennedy - 05 Apr 2016

On 21 August 2015 the Wine and Spirit Board published that specific potato and pea proteins are now legal for use in juice and wine fining [Amendments to Regulations and WO Scheme]. The use of plant proteins is also legal in European Union winemaking and export to EU countries is therefore permitted. The use of plant proteins holds various advantageous for winemaking as well as wine marketing:

  • highly effective
  • non-allergenic
  • suitable for vegetarians

Plant proteins can be used with or without PVPP to lower the phenolic content of white press juice. It can serve as an alternative to gelatine during flotation (especially the potato protein). It can also be used to soften harsh tannins in red wines making them more rounded. There are various suppliers of pea proteins in industry but to date only one supplier of potato protein.


Open source articles:

Potatoes present solutions to wine cellars by Charl Theron


Scientific articles:

Performance of a protein extracted from potatoes for fining of white musts (2016)

Use of patatin, a protein extracted from potato, as alternative to animal proteins in fining of red wine (2012)

Evaluating potential alternatives to potassium caseinate for white wine fining: Effects on physicochemical and sensory characteristics (2012)

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