How to handle high sugar musts

Practical guidelines by Karien O’Kennedy - 05 Apr 2016

Reviewed by Prof. Florian Bauer and Prof. Wessel du Toit<\/p>

Q: What classifies as high-sugar musts?
A: Any grapes arriving at the cellar at 24°Brix or higher.<\/em><\/p>

Q: Why is this a potential problem for yeasts?
A: Yeasts are living organisms and therefore have specific genetic capabilities and limitations. Very few yeasts can ferment to dryness at 26°Brix – no matter how good the conditions.<\/em><\/p>

Q: What are the most important factors to bear in mind when fermenting high-sugar musts?
A: Initial grape sugar concentration, juice YAN, fermentation temperature, oxygen availability and potential alcohol. Botrytis infection is an additional factor that can make fermentation challenging.<\/em> <\/em><\/p>

Practical guidelines for dealing with high-sugar musts:<\/strong><\/p>

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