Revolutionary new product for tartrate stabilisation

Karien O'Kennedy - 01 Aug 2017


A new product containing the active ingredient potassium poly-aspartate (KPA) will be on the market soon. Possibly as early as December 2017. It has been legalised by the OIV for use to prevent tartrate crystal formation in white and red wines. Poly-aspartate is produced by the polimerisation of aspartic acid, an amino acid naturally found in grapes.


But why revolutionary?

  • KPA completely replaces traditional cold stabilisation in cellars
  • It is added to wine in a similar fashion as CMC and MTA
  • It has a long lasting effect
  • Can be used in red wine - does not affect red wine colour!
  • KPA has no impact on filterability
  • Shortens the time needed to prepare the wine for bottling
  • Saves on energy and manpower
  • Lowers carbon emission and waste byproducts




Sangiovese after 4 weeks at minus 4°C


Top left: Control
Top right: 10 g/hl CMC
Bottom left: 10 g/hl meta tartaric acid
Bottom right: 10 g/hl KPA

Maximum concentration allowed in wine as determined by the OIV = 10 g/hl
KPA will be sold under the commercial name Zenith by Enartis.

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