The Basket Press - December 2016

Karien O'Kennedy - 15 Mar 2017

In this issue:

Musings on the perception of Chenin blanc quality

Rotundone facts

Afrikaans article: Jou spoeg bepaal jou proe

Afrikaans article: Navorsers plaas YAN onder soeklig

Afrikaans article: PVPP en wyn sensoriese kwaliteit



Karien O'Kennedy - 04 May 2016

In this addition:

Chenin blanc: From shorts to chinos!

Improving wine filterability - with yeasts

Chenin blanc research in the spotlight

New product for tartrate stabilisation

Old vines

The Basket Press - August 2015

Karien O'Kennedy - 05 Apr 2016

Welcome to the first addition of The Basket Press Newspaper! This first addition comes available to you electronically as well as in print, because we respect the traditionalists amongst you. Dedicated to wine science communication we aim to bring you the latest news on the academic front in bite size, easy to understand and last but not the least, in an entertaining and pleasing on the eye format. We hope you enjoy it!

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