Patrick Schmitt - 15 Jun 2018

Storing wine on it's side won't prevent corks drying out, and may even accelerate its degeneration according to Amorim's director of R&D, Dr Miguel Cabral. He also said that creating moist ambient conditions during wine storage was unnecessary for bottled wine. The study referenced by Cabral is: ‘The impact of closure type and storage conditions on the composition, colour and flavour properties of a Riesling and a wooded Chardonnay wine during five years’ storage.

Oxygen permeating through oak barrels – new results

by Wessel du Toit in WineLand Magazine - 16 May 2016

Recent advances in measuring oxygen in a non-destructive way has led the way for more real-time measurements. This technology uses a principle where oxygen concentrations can be measured inside a bottle, tank or barrel without opening these containers. Eight of these oxygen sensors were placed at locations inside four new fine grain French, five new, fine grain American oak and four new medium grain American oak barrels which were filled with model wine. This model wine consisted of only 15% ethanol at a pH of 3.5 of which the oxygen was previously removed. This was done in order to measure the oxygen transfer more accurately, as no anti-oxidants were present in this model wine which could have reacted with the oxygen as would happen in real wine.


by Wessel du Toit, Daniella Fracassetti, Carien Coetzee, Andreja Vanzo & Davide Ballabio in WineLand Magazine - 12 Oct 2015

Oxygen plays an important role in wine production. In general the addition of oxygen in white wine is not wanted. This is due to the development of a brown colour, a decrease in fruitiness in the wines and an increase in acetaldehyde levels. 



Easy does it: Looking at barrel ageing practices with Nicolas Vivas

By Remy Charest - Nomarcorc Newsletter - 13 Aug 2015

Barrel aging is an important and valued part of winemaking, especially when producing longer-aging wines. The aging process has many potential benefits, starting with greater stability, especially in terms of the wines’ interaction with oxygen.

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