Metabolomics: New Techniques to Find out The Hidden Secrets of Wines

by Remy Charest - Nomacorc - 02 Mar 2016

Thanks to science, we know more and more about what is going on in a wine as it’s taking shape in the cellar or evolving in bottles. But as French researcher Régis Gougeon has been finding out, we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.

"Free" doesn't always mean free - rethinking SO2 measurements in the winery

Gavin L. Sacks and Patricia A. Howe, Research Focus - Cornell University - 02 Dec 2015

Researchers at Cornell University have developed a simple, inexpensive headspace – gas detection tube (HS-GDT) method that accurately measures molecular SO2 in red wines. All standard approaches to free SO2 badly overestimate the amount of free and molecular SO2 in all wines (particularly red wines) due to the presence of weak binders like anthocyanins.

Dissolved Oxygen and Free SO2

Nicky Wilton - Vinlab - 04 Oct 2015

Oxygen contact with wine during processing is nearly always unavoidable. Unfortunately, oxygen exposure is not always desirable. Many clients complain of an SO2 imbalance i.e. low free SO2 levels together with high total SO2 levels. The culprit in these cases is usually too much dissolved oxygen.

Breakthrough for analysis of volatile thiols in SA wines

by Wessel du Toit, Elizma van Wyngaard, Frederico Piano, Daniella Fracassetti, Marietjie Stander, Antonio Tirelli & Astrid Buica - 09 Sep 2015

Volatile thiols play an integral role in the passion fruit, grape fruit and guava aromas of different types of white wines. The Department of Viticulture and Oenology, Stellenbosch University, embarked on developing a new method for volatile thiol analysis in white wines, as well as to perform a screening to determine levels of these compounds in South African Sauvignon blanc wines.

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