Metals in wine is a complicated story

Wine Australia: Research and Development - 13 Dec 2015

Research has discovered that adding a little copper to white wine prior to bottling ‘just in case’ is usually ineffective and can actually be counterproductive.

A guide to the fining of wine

by James F. Harbertson, Washington State University - 13 Oct 2015

Wine is a product of both the vineyard and the techniques the winemaker uses. Occasionally, aspects of the wine need to be refined more dramatically than can be dealt with by field adjustments or simple blending because not every growing season or fermentation goes the way the winemaker wants. Fining is a technique that is used to remove unwanted juice/wine components that affect clarification, astringency, color, bitterness, and aroma; the technique works for both red and white winemaking.

Influence of several oenological fining agents on ochratoxin A removal

Filipa Carvalho, António Inês, Fernando Milheiro Nunes, Luís Filipe-Ribeiro, Luís Abrunhosa, Fernanda Cosmea - Image: - 17 Sep 2015

To evaluate their effectiveness, eleven commercial fining agents were used to get new approaches on OTA removal from wine.

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