Development of sulfur off-odors post-fermentation

James Osborne - 15 Jul 2016

While H2S formation occurs mainly during primary fermentation, additional volatile sulfur compounds can be formed at later stages during winemaking. The formation of these compounds can be difficult to predict, and their formation is not necessarily related to H2S issues during the primary fermentation.

Brettanomyces – the yeast lurking in your wine

by Marli Louw, Maret du Toit & Benoit Divol in WineLand Magazine - 11 Apr 2016

Most winemakers know the feared five-letter word “Brett” all too well. Brettanomyces bruxellensis is a famous red wine spoilage yeast, responsible for financial losses within the wine industry yearly. Research has allowed significant advances in our global understanding of B. bruxellensis, especially concerning this yeast’s peculiar ability to survive and develop in a matrix as harsh as wine. This article provides an overview of these recent research findings.

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