Enhancement of Sauvignon blanc wine through yeast combinations

by Hentie Swiegers, Ellie King, Brooke Travis, Leigh Francis & Sakkie Pretorius - 09 Jun 2016

In this study it is clear that yeast combinations are potentially a powerful mechanism to increase fruitiness in white wines, thereby increasing the wine’s consumer appeal.

Article published in 2007 in Wineland Magazine

Local Microbes Give Wine Character

Article review by Ruth Williams in TheScientist / Image: Vineyard in New Zealand by Matt Goddard - 26 Sep 2015

The distinct regional conditions, or terroir, in which grapes are grown are thought to shape a wine’s character. But strict scientific evidence of this phenomenon has been lacking. Now, researchers in Auckland, New Zealand, have confirmed that at least one aspect of terroir—local differences in yeast strains—does indeed alter the outcome of Sauvignon Blanc fermentation. Their findings were published today (September 24) in Scientific Reports.

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