Karien O'Kennedy - 15 Jun 2018

South African (SA) researchers have discovered that SA Chenin blancs contain significant amounts of volatile thiols, which are positive flavour active compounds, traditionally associated with Sauvignon blanc. These volatile thiols have aromas reminiscent of passion fruit, grapefruit, guava, gooseberries and blackcurrant, depending on their relevant concentrations in wines and the presence of other flavour active compounds, which can mask or enhance their perception. The finding is significant, especially in the light of the fact that Chenin blanc is often described in scientific literature and wine related books, as a “neutral” grape variety.

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Thiol levels in young 2016 fresh and fruity Chenin blanc wines

Valeria Panzeri and Astrid Buica - 17 May 2018

Young Chenin blanc wines (2016) were analysed for thiols (GC-MS at Vinlab, Stellenbosch) within the year of production and evaluated sensorially by a panel of 15 experts using CATA.

Crafting South African old vine Chenin blanc wines

Reneé Crous | Valeria Panzeri | Hélène Nieuwoudt - 31 Jan 2018

This poster provides feedback on the vineyard management and cellar practices currently used by South African (SA) private cellars in the crafting of 18 different premium quality old-vine Chenin blanc wines.

Chenin blanc in the limelight: Addressing South African consumers' uncertainties

Nadia van der Colff | Chris Pentz | Hélène Nieuwoudt - 31 Jan 2018

Using "perceived risk," this study will aim to identify uncertainties specifically about Chenin blanc (e.g. taste, low quality perception) from the SA consumers’ perspective, which is unknown to date.

Listening to the consumer's voice: opportunities for Chenin blanc

Andiswa Mapheleba | Chris Pentz | Nina Muller | Ivan Oertle | Hélène Nieuwoudt - 31 Jan 2018

The objectives of this study were to identify the opportunities for Chenin blanc by evaluating two groups, consumers and industry experts, in qualitative and quantitative research as well as to investigate the wine style perceptions of Chenin blanc amongst consumers and wine industry experts. 

Spotlight on Chenin blanc research data warehouse

Hélene Nieuwoudt and Stevie Krynauw - 31 Jan 2018

In the period 2010 - 2016 large volumes of data on the chemical and sensory profiles of commercial Chenin blanc wines were generated.  In addition, metadata pertaining to vineyard management and vinification practices were also collected.  All this information is being captured in a purpose built data warehouse that can process queries and present information with powerful graphic visualisation tools.

Consumer's relationship with wine purchasing unpacked

Carla Weightman, Nic Terblanche, Dominic Valentin, Florian Bauer, Hélene Nieuwoudt - 31 Jan 2018

The objective of this project therefore was to obtain a better understanding of South African (SA) wine consumers from the Gauteng area, from different cultural backgrounds.

Sensory analysis of the 2016 Standard Bank Chenin blanc Top 10 Challenge wines

Mihaela Mihnae and Wessel du Toit - 31 Jan 2018

The aim of this work was to describe the sensorial composition of the Top 10 wines, as well as the five lowest scoring wines, from the Chenin blanc Top 10 Challenge of 2016.

Surveying white wine cultivars for YAN and amino acids

Noah Bieszczad and Astrid Buica - 31 Jan 2018

In this study 374 white settled juice samples were analysed for YAN, ammonia and amino acid concentrations. The individual amino acids were also determined.

The effect of nitrogen and sulphur foliar fertilization on sensory aspects of Chenin blanc and Sauvignon blanc wines

Aléta Bruwer, Wessel du Toit, Astrid Buica - 31 Jan 2018

The main aim of this study was to determine the effect of different sulphur and nitrogen foliar fertilization treatments on the volatile composition of Chenin blanc and Sauvignon blanc as reflected in the sensory evaluation of the 3 month old wines. 

Aroma of award winning Chenins revealed

Sithandile Ngxangxa| Andrѐ de Villiers| Hélène Nieuwoudt | Andreas Tredoux - 31 Jan 2018

This poster presents some initial results from very high resolution analytical techniques used to unravel the true complexity of Chenin blanc aroma. 

The sweeter side of things: sensory profiles of natural sweet Chenins

Hanneke Botha and Hélene Nieuwoudt - 31 Jan 2018

The market for natural sweet Chenin blanc wines is small and the general consumer seems to be either oblivious to its existence or plainly does not understand it. This poses a risky situation and the question arises whether enough is done to promote these wines in its potential context? Clearly more should be done to showcase this category and obtaining the chemical and sensory profiles, is step one.

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