Testing for allergenic residues in wine, a storm in a teacup?

Karien O'Kennedy and Wendy Jonker - 26 Jan 2018

A study was commissioned by Winetech to determine whether it is necessary for wineries to have every batch of wine tested for potential residues if allergenic proteins were used as processing aids during the winemaking process. Such a practice will not just be time consuming, but also very costly. We are happy to report, based on this study and similar studies done in Australia and Europe, that the testing of every batch is not required if good winemaking practices in terms of the use of fining agents, as well as specific filtration guidelines, are followed. Producers who fine their wines, but intend to sell them unfiltered will have to label the allergenic agent used or alternatively test each batch, since residues above the OIV/EU legal limit of 0.25 mg/l may remain.

How Oxygen Can Enhance Or Destroy White Wine

Alex Berezow - 20 Jan 2017

In order to determine how aging and oxygen change white wine over time, a team of Stellenbosch University researchers subjected Sauvignon blanc to a seven-month-long experiment.

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