Surface Irrigation Remains Best Option

Wine Australia - 27 Jan 2017

Conventional wisdom was that sub-surface irrigation was the best way forward if water restrictions were to become the norm. Five years of good science supported by Wine Australia now suggests otherwise.

Look after your drip systems

by Gert Engelbrecht in WineLand Magazine - 05 Apr 2016

System effectiveness is one of the biggest advantages of drip irrigation. The design of drip irrigation is aimed at minimising water loss as a result of evaporation and/or runoff. In terms of system effectiveness (the efficiency with which water is delivered to the irrigation system from the irrigation dam or tap point on the farm’s border, to the point where it lands on the soil) drip irrigation performs the best with 90%, followed by micro sprinklers with 80% system effectiveness.

Vineyard water management with limited resources

by Hanno van Schalkwyk in WineLand Magazine - 03 Feb 2016

Water management and irrigation scheduling are obviously specific to the area and region and dependent on the wine objectives and production levels to be achieved. The following principles may be important, however, in the development of a strategy where water resources are very limited.

Image: WineLand Magazine

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