Where now with Organic Focus vineyards?

Tessa Nicholson - 30 Oct 2017

Back in 2011, an ambitious three-year project began, looking at what it took, cost and involved to turn a vineyard from conventional to organic.

Making wine takes a lot of energy. How South Africa’s vintners can cut back.

Alan Brent - 30 Oct 2017

Wine production consumes large amounts of energy and generates a sizeable quantity of greenhouse gases. A looming carbon tax and greater consumer awareness about reduced energy use has led to a growing interest in the energy performance of South Africa’s wine industry.

California winery hires earthworms to clean up its wastewater

The Guardian - 12 May 2016

Everyday earthworms are the latest solution to a thorny problem that most wine drinkers never consider: wastewater disposal.

(Image: BioFiltro)

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