UAVs in Viticulture

Australian Vignerons - 11 Apr 2018

The use of UAVs, also known as drones, in agriculture and in viticulture is rapidly increasing. 

Image: Australian vignerons

NDVI in Viticulture - the challenges

Fruition Sciences - 05 Apr 2018

In this article, we offer an overview of the problems encountered with NDVI and how to avoid them.

Uncorking Innovation

Lora Kolodny - 22 Jan 2018

The ancient craft of wine making conjures romantic notions of hand-picked vines, and bare feet crushing grapes. However, wine production today is a thoroughly high-tech affair. 

Protecting European wine: Vinbot rover optimises harvest and quality

by Horizon Magazine - 16 May 2016

"The rover uses a laser to measure how much actual sunlight is accessible to the leaf surface. It then pieces together these scans to construct a virtual image of the vine and how much sunlight reaches it."

Aircraft pictures helping productivity of Coonawarra vineyards

The Naracoorte Herald - 11 May 2016

Cameras attached to fixed-wing aircraft are providing data to viticulturists which is helping to identify canopy temperature – in order to improve water use and wine quality.

Drones in Viticulture

by Anne Alessandri - 05 Apr 2016

The potential drones have in Viticulture as remote sensing tools are enormous. They are capable of acquiring high resolution optical data which can aid precision viticulture greatly. Traditional modes of data collection (satellites and manned aircrafts) have limitations, such as low resolution imagery, cost implications, lack of flexibility and restricted areas (i.e. mountainous areas). The advantages of drones are for instance lower operating costs, fast acquisition of high resolution imagery, flexibility (data can be collected ‘on demand’) and practicality (especially for smaller vineyards).

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