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Smallest wine grape crop since 2005

As wine grape producers and cellars take in the last of the 2018 wine grape harvest, viticulturists and cellars estimate that it will be the smallest crop since 2005, according to SAWIS (SA Wine Indus...


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A new twist on the fights against fungus

Finding a way to fight fungus without fungicides is a long game, but CSIRO researchers in Adelaide are making significant progress. Image: Richard Hamilton, Hamilton Viticulture

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UAVs in Viticulture

The use of UAVs, also known as drones, in agriculture and in viticulture is rapidly increasing.  Image: Australian vignerons

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How climate change affects winegrowing

Temperatures will increase between 2.0º and 2.5º C (3.6º-4.5º F) by the end of the century, with the worst-case scenario being an increase of 3º-3.5º C,3 according to est...

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Sensory and chemical drivers of wine minerality aroma

Researchers studied wines from grapes from the two sides of the Serein river in Chablis. Wines from the left side scored higher in minerality notes and certain chemical compounds.

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